About the Campaign

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), depression puts men at high risk for suicide. In fact, four times more men die by suicide than women.

But there’s good news – NIMH also says that with the right treatment depression improves about 80% of the time.


“We actually went through
several medications before
we found one that was
both effective and didn’t
have side effects I couldn’t

– John Head

State of the Art

The Men Get Depression National Awareness Campaign was developed and produced by State of the Art, Inc., an Academy Award® winning communications company. www.stateart.com

State of the Art’s work is focused on using media to promote social change in health and education. They address communication challenges with expertise in social marketing and with thoughtful, persuasive and motivating media that provide critical information to targeted audiences. The team has extensive experience in public health, community outreach and media. State of the Art, Inc. combines creative excellence and research-based content to create media that make the leap from good ideas to change. www.stateart.com

Grady Watts - Producer/Director

Grady Watts produced and directed the broadcast documentary Men Get Depression and the related community outreach videos. He is also the principal investigator of the project research evaluation. He has extensive experience creating materials that address stigma, cultural barriers and that improve understanding of treatment. His history of media work on mental health subjects includes: mental health and aging in the television series “Well Into Your Future;” mental health and HIV/AIDS in the television special “Positively: The Changing Face of AIDS in America” with an outreach effort targeting adults, teens and caregivers of children; and for families caring for a loved one at home, he created the television special “Caregivers: The Heart of Homecare” hosted by Dana Reeves.  He has also focused on chronic illnesses with the broadcast special “Prostate Cancer: Are You At Risk?” and the community outreach tool “Take Charge: For Men Newly Diagnosed,” both of which were hosted by Colin Powell and “Managing Heart Disease: For Men and Women.” Eight of his media projects have been quantitatively evaluated in national studies and shown to improve patient understanding of health, self-efficacy and health seeking behaviors. His work has been recognized with an Academy Award®, Cable Ace Award, Freddie Awards, National Emmy nomination, among others. He is a frequent speaker on health communication and health literacy. Grady Watts is Senior Vice President of State of the Art.

State of the Art