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These three video clips are from the Men Get Depression Community Outreach DVD.
Also available for viewing: See clips from Depresión y los hombres DVD in Spanish

Video: Ages 18-30 Video: Ages 30-55 Video: Age 55+
Men Get Depression
Ages 18 – 30
Men Get Depression
Ages 30-55
Men Get Depression
Age 55+


Men Get Depression Community Outreach DVD

These videos present the stories of ten brave men who overcame stigma to tell about their experiences with depression. They describe with fearless candor how depression undermined their lives; how they learned they had a treatable disease and finally found the help that made recovery possible. 

These inspiring stories are from men of diverse backgrounds; a former NFL Quarterback, a Fortune 100 CEO, to an Iraq War vet, a protestant minister, a construction worker and others.  You will also meet their wives, their children and their therapists.  Leading medical authorities on depression offer commentary on its causes, symptoms and treatments. 

What are the signs of depression and suicide risk? What should I do if I think a man I know is depressed? This DVD will answer these questions and show that with time, treatment and support, there is hope for men with depression. 

The Men Get Depression DVD features:

    • Three Men Get Depression videos for men of different ages. ( Ages: 18-30, Ages: 30-55, Ages: 55+ )
    • A 30 second public service announcement (PSA) targeted to Latino men
    • A printable resource booklet and discussion guide for men of all ages.
    All materials are in both English and Spanish. Videos are closed captioned.
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