Tom Johnson

“Men are the worst. I was reluctant to go to a psychiatrist.”

–Tom Johnson
Former CEO, CNN,
& Publisher LA Times

Toolkit to Plan a Community Event

The Men Get Depression resources include:

Broadcast Television Special. A one-hour documentary called Men Get Depression begins airing in May 2008 on public television stations nationwide.

Community Toolkit. The Toolkit includes:

    • A Campaign Overview
    • The Men Get Depression Community Outreach DVD which contains the following resources in English and Spanish:
      • Three age-specific videos:
      • profiles  of men ages 18-30
      • profiles of men ages 30-55
      • profiles of men ages 55+
      • A printable .pdf of a Resource Booklet and Discussion Guide
      • A 30 second Spanish language Public Service Announcement (PSA) targeted to Latino men
    • A Men Get Depression Event Promotion Poster & Flier
    • Ideas for Outreach Activities
    • Tips for Screening in a Group Setting
    • A Host Survey
    • A Participant Survey

The Men Get Depression DVD being offered by PBS Home Video includes the documentary special and all video and print contents of the Community Outreach DVD.