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Stopping Medication Can Backfire
Depending on severity of depression, anti-depressant medications may be needed for several months or even years.  Stopping medication as soon as one feels better can cause a relapse.  Always consult your doctor about changes in medication. 


“We actually went through
several medications before
we found one that was
both effective and didn’t
have side effects I couldn’t

– John Head


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The Men Get Depression DVD is distributed by PBS Home Video
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The Men Get Depression broadcast special is distributed to public television stations by American Public Television.With more than 10,000 hours of programming in its library, American Public Television (APT) has been a prime source of programming for the nation’s public television stations for 47 years, distributing more than 300 new program titles per year. APT milestones include distribution of the first HD series on public television and the 2006 launch of Create – the TV channel featuring the best of public television's lifestyle programming. Known for its leadership in identifying innovative, worthwhile and viewer-friendly programming, APT has established a tradition of providing public television stations with program choices that strengthen and customize their schedules, such as Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in Concert, Winged Migration, Battlefield Britain, Globe Trekker, Rick Steves' Europe, Great Museums, Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way, America's Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Broadway: The Golden Age, and other prominent documentaries, dramatic series, how-to programs, children’s series and classic movies.

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