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Men Get Depression

How is it possible in the country leading the world in medical science, one in four men have a disabling illness that torments them and their families and most never receive treatment for it?

Men of all ages, ethnic origins, and walks of life get depressed…so why don’t men look for help?  They may feel weak or ashamed - that it’s not "manly" to feel sad.  Men Get Depression is a public awareness campaign that will help men and their families dealing with depression understand they are not alone. 

Getting help for depression can make a big difference in your life and in the lives of those who love you.  Men Get Depression will show you how to get started. 

Campaign Events
  • Public Television broadcast May 2008
    This one hour documentary explores the lives of men with their families as they face the challenge of depression. Call your local station to see how you can promote the broadcast in your community.
  • National Symposium
    Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Dr. David Satcher were the keynote speakers at the symposium on Health Disparities in Male Depression, November 6, 2007 in Washington, DC. Read the transcripts, watch the entire proceedings at http://www.kaisernetwork.org/healthcast/morehouse/06nov07
  • Community Outreach
    Around the country, communities are finding creative ways to use Men Get Depression Resources to educate people about depression in men and how to find help. Find out how you can use the resources and find out what others are doing.
Medication and talk therapy is best. The highest rate of success in treatment of depression involves a combination of anti-depressant medication and talk therapy in individual or group settings.
  May 2008
Men Get Depression Documentary airs on public television